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An English company has released a new line of coffins made entirely from organic wool (with a cardboard frame). Now wool is not only the preferred natural backcountry fabric, its the choice for afterlife trekking too. From Treehugger.Sean Brander replica Cartier WB514331 Ladie's watch Frenchman Thomas Voeckler has won the fifth stage of the Tour de France, the AP reports. He was followed by Mikhail Ignatiev and Mark Cavendish. Retaining the top three slots overall are Fabian Cancellara at 15:07:49, Lance Armstrong at just hundredths of a second behind, and Alberto Contador at 19 seconds behind. Aileen Torres

Starting July 15th, youll have the chance to cast your ballots and choose USA Cyclings new trustees. You must have a league licensein mountain biking, road, whateverto vote for the trustees that represent your association, but nows the chance to bring in new mud-splattered reformers. Yes we can!Sean Brander Better move quick on this one. replica Cartier WJ303250 Ladie's watch A few months back, the good folks at Helly Hansens PR agency sent me a sample of their new Barrier Softshell Hoodie ($120). Its a thin softshell jacket with a nice hood. Over the next few months, I found myself completely addicted to it.

WFP 305, like WFP 312, also recovers a clearly-case which allows you to look at the mechanism of watch in the action. WFP 305 fact part of Will bread line of will manifaturra of S, thus it means that it will be slightly more expensive than their replica Cartier WB5118LM Ladie's watch with the modified movements of third. The use of the titanium swept for the case will be also added to the cost.Differences. While WFP 305 is internally similar at WFP 312, there is abundance to distinguish both. WFP 305 comes in a case 1950 solid mass from 47mm with a revolving mounting unidirectionaly used to measure periods of past time of up to 60 minutes him more contemporary plungers shows.

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Climbers could soon be banished from the iconic red rock Uluru. Aboriginal groups have long lobbied to ban climbing on the spring and cave studded sacred stone, also known as Ayers Rock, and it appears that the Australian government is replica Cartier W1529856 Watch seriously considering the current proposal.Sean Brander Rapamycin, a drug used to suppress the bodys immune system after organ transplants, appears to extend the lifespan of mice by about 14%. The catch is that the drug seems to work only when administered in middle-age and could make an already weakening body more prone to infection. And of course theres no evidence yet that it would work in humans. Sean Brander

Lance Armstrongs longtime coach, Chris Carmichael, is assembling a great retrospective of the work the two have been doing together since Armstrong was a teenager. Hes got old training plans, power readings, race schedules, and photos. Take a look here. A nice supplement to the Armstrong feature in our current issue. —John BradleyTwitter: replica Cartier W1529756 Men's Watch johnwbradleyA Scottish man has set a truly scorching new world record by sprinting 259 feet while on fire. Keith Malcolm wore eight layers of protective clothing, a helmet, and slicked himself with fire-retardant 'stunt-gel'though it seems he skipped the kilt. Malcolm's comments afterward: "It was absolutely awesome". Totally.Sean Brander

New submarine with the movement of Will bread P. 9000. Another new Panerai watch will launch to Basle 2009 is a new version of Submerisible of its watches of Luminor. Internally, the submarine of Dispensary Will bread Luminor 1950 3 days replica Cartier W25029B6 Ladie's watch WFP automatic 00305 is identical to the new marina WFP 00312 which we threw a glance there is at a few days.The movement in WFP 312 is the new one for 2009, built by gauge of Paneria P. 9000. This movement with automatic reassembly has a three days reservation of power and produces 28.800 vibrations per hour.

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I didn’t give up without a fightthough. It was back and forthuntil the climb up French Gulch, when he pulled ahead on the steep climb, whichis of course a hike-a-bike for singlespeeders. After cresting the hill, I litup the descent as fast I could, but he was gone. I fought as hard as could allday, climbing as fast as I could, skipping aid replica Cartier W1534451 Men's watch stations, squeezing Gu’s in myface at an alarming rate, but Jake finished 5 minutes ahead. I was so shelledin the closing miles of the race that I there were tears streaming down myface. How? Submit a short film of your summer adventure in a given National Park, answering with charm and (completely legal) extremeness what our Parks mean to you. Go here to enter your video or vote for your favorites. Thanks, Backpacker!Sean Brander

This singlespeed racing business is no picnic my friends. My friend Cristina and I are both racing the belt drive andwe are both suffering, although she seems to be holding it together a bitbetter as she is in second overall in women’s open. Granted she’s a mountainbike legend. In any event, we had some larger rear cogs couriered up from Spotin replica Cartier W1534351 Watch Golden to take the bite out of the climbs. We’ll need it, as we are climbingover Wheeler Pass tomorrow. Ouch. Thanks for reading, I’m whipped and need some sleep, butcouldn’t be happier with the inaugural Breck Epic. Like bike racing? Put it onyour calendar for 2010.

Exclusive Omega 3303 a new round of time-based longitudinal movement by the Hong Kong Observatory eligibility verification form, the energy stored up to 55 hours; built vertical wheel systems, so watch to run more smoothly, greatly enhanced the accuracy of time; Omega gossamer hair Article equipment will enhance the operation of replica Cartier W1540956 Men's Watch mechanical stability, so that a long time to maintain the precision watches. Omega hippocampus time series with professional diving all-steel table with a black aluminum ring ring, ring with titanium or tantalum sheet metal ring with red circle Circle table style.Tags: Omega

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In fact, this ride was billed as aSummit County classic big ride and I spent some time thinking about the firstguys to ride to ride this twenty years ago on those heavy rigid bikes withplastic levers, the Styrofoam helmets and neon jerseys. replica Cartier WE60019G Ladie's watch Now some of you may be wondering about the belt driven bike.It’s a belt, just like that found on Harleys, instead of a chain. It’s strongas hell, nearly maintenance free, super light and lasts something like five years.It takes a bit of time to get set up correctly, but once done, it’s bomber.

Itdoes require an interruption in the frame to get the belt into the rear, but after riding two of these bikes, I’ve heard nary a creak from theframe. After a couple of days ofracing, I am giving it zero thought, which is exactly the point. It replica Cartier WE60050I Ladie's watch hasgenerated a ton of interest here at the Breck Epic as well as everywhere elseI’ve ridden it, but when I offered free test rides during the backbreakingclimb up French Gulch, nobody was all that interested. Weird. I started the day in third place in the men’s singlespeedcategory, but Jake Kirkpatrick put the hurt on, knocking me off my first everpodium. In fact, there were some great shakeups in the men’s singlepeedcategory overall it a hotly contested category.

Watches with screwed-style chassis, Pai helium valves and waterproofing system with a dual spin-in of the crown to ensure that the water feature up to 300 meters deep. Professional 300-meter diving hippocampus unique series of suce wave patterns will be replaced by the most able to represent the New Zealand teams replica Cartier W1534551 Men's watch pure black, remove the flange part of the time to read more clearly, and at the same time the suce of the two prominent characteristics: the suce engraved with americas cup (Americas Cup) words, a time which are situated in a small disc 3,6 and 9 hours location, the new calendar window at the location of six hours to mark a breakthrough in the design of the watch movement.


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The year may be young, but its been a roller Tissot replica watches coaster of events and emotions so far for Julia Mancuso. The skier, who was the only American female Olympic gold medal winner in 2006, won two silver medals in the Vancouver Winter Olympics, but she also had to deal with personal dramas that affected her racing. Shes come through to win the giant slalom at the U.S. Alpine Skiing Championships in March and already has her sights set on the 2014 Games. Mancuso took a break to chat with Outside Online about skiing, life, and her undies.--Aileen TorresYou won two silvers in Vancouver, which people werent expecting from you.

Perhaps their biggest divide: Mancuso has Olympic gold, from the 2006 Turin Games, and Vonn doesnt. Maybe thats why shes been putting all that time into her replica iluxury watches offseason workouts.Theyhave always been like Iceman and Maverick from Top Gun, Sarah Schleper, also of the U.S. Ski team,said. Julia is natural and Lindsey is more textbook. But I thinkhaving each other has always been the key to each of their successes.They drove and pushed off each other every step of the way.For more on Vonn and Mancuso, check out our features on each. Aileen Torres

In case you missed our summary post yesterday, a rogue wave swept the beach at Saturdays Mavericks Surf Contest, injuring at least 16 spectators replica Longines watches and scaring countless more, according to the New York Times. Attached is the video of the accident. Feel free to comment if you know how those who were injured are recovering.Stayton BonnerHow does it feel?I am stoked on my performance, just being able to come back from a bad back injury and peak at the right time. I know it seemed like a surprise to most, but ever since the injury its been my goal to be 100 percent for those races, and it all worked out!